Route the game.
Flout the tedium.

Cojiro is the fastest way to learn the logic, practice routing, and beat seeds faster -
all without loading up the game.

Why not just play the game?

Cojiro is not and will never be a replacement for Ocarina of Time Randomizer.
It doesn't help you with execution, but more importantly, it's just not as fun.

Cojiro is a supplement for those who want to learn or improve faster than they otherwise might.

Here's why you might want to give Cojiro a shot:

  • Seeing the checks on the map helps you learn the game
  • Routing helps you get good at the game
  • Using Cojiro to practice gets it done faster

You can also play just for fun, if you want. We don't discriminate.

Bigger and better

Cojiro is a green-field rewrite of a now-defunct web app called ZOoTR Sim. Cojiro aims for a much nicer user experience, using icons on a map rather than lists of names.

On top of that, here are some future plans for Cojiro:

  • Enforcing game logic based on your current items
  • Detailed history of your playthrough
  • Shopsanity and Master Quest support
  • High score leaderboard
  • Multiplayer challenges and multiworld support
  • Entrance shuffle
  • Achievements
  • More...


Cojiro is fully open source, and community contributions are encouraged.

It's built using the t3 stack (React, NextJS, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Prisma, tRPC), and care has been taken to make the codebase easy to work with for those familiar with the technologies.

About the author

Cojiro was made in large part by me, Christian Legge, also known as scatter, standing on the shoulders of the giants who created NextJS, the rest of the tech stack, and of course Ocarina of Time Randomizer itself.

I'm a software engineer, between jobs at the time of writing.

My socials are linked below. Feel free to reach out to me anywhere.